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Monday, 26 September 2016


When I saw the above image online, it immediately suggested to me the concept of an otherworld dream-catcher, a silent preternatural being standing unseen beside us as we sleep, ready to capture the dreams that we shall dream that night. So that is what I wrote.


The dream-catcher stands unseen, still, beside our beds,
Powdered skin as pale as bleached bone upon a beach,
A tippet of swan feathers around his shoulders,
A dense ruff of white owl plumes encircling his neck.

His long fingers snatch at the dreams that flutter by,
Like ghostly moths in the miasma of midnight.
Then he blows them softly inside our sleeping minds,
Keeping watch over them, and us, through the dark hours.

And when dawn comes, when the bright sun wakes in splendour,
He is gone, leaving no dream nor any trace here,
Gone away to ensnare new dreams for new sleepers,
Until our dream lives are over, our dream lives done.

Sunday, 25 September 2016


On a number of occasions down through the years, I have been inspired to write poems and verses after seeing beautiful, bewitching works of art online. And today was another such occasion, in which I penned the following poem after encountering the spectacular illustration presented above.


I dreamed one night that I had seen
An elephant, but it was green.
It stood amid a leafy glade
With light and shadow overlaid.

A patch of sunshine on its brow
That glowed like gold, I know not how.
Its opalescent tusks glowed too,
A pale, pellucid, pearly hue.

It gazed at me with stately calm,
A scene suffused with leafy balm,
A green cathedral, still and bright,
A place of wonder, dreams, and light.

Serene and silent, arched and tall,
So too its guardian of all.
Majestic in the mellow mist,
Where dreams can linger, hope exist.

Its trunk rose up in slow salute,
Its sunlight-sprinkled message mute,
Yet eloquent inside my mind
Before I left its realm behind

And woke once more within my room,
No green or gold amid its gloom.
Just fading memories remain,
Until one day I'm home again.

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