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Friday, 19 August 2016


As soon as I saw this wonderful illustration when browsing online several weeks ago, I knew that one day it would inspire me to write a poem – and today it has done, so here it is.


Verdant but still is the path through the forest,
A study in sadness, in silence, in shade.
Its trail stretching on, its limit unending,
A realm with no gladness, no gleam in its glade.

Dead as a dinosaur, all my dreams done with,
Enveloped in verdigris, mould, and decay.
The past lies behind, its door closed and cloistered,
And as for the future? Who knows - who can say?

And so I plod on, alone and regardless,
'Midst trees, leaves, and bushes, viridian friends.
Their foliage beckons, soon to embrace me,
To take me back home when my journeying ends.


  1. I wish I had words as lovely for this comment - Totally loved it!!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm very happy that you enjoyed it, and I hope you'll browse through some of my other poems here too. All the best, Karl

  2. Hey Karl,
    I wanted to share the dream I had that started my cryptid research.
    It started out with me on the shore looking out at a weather beaten lake pier. It was a foot above the water with 1-ft diameter pier posts lining the sides each one about 3 feet out of the water. The pier was long with a lot of damage at the end. I wanted to walk out on it, but one of the pier posts was misshapen. Oddly it was a sunny day, but there was no sound, no birds, it seemed strange. Against better judgement I walked out on that pier never taking my eye off that misshapen pier post. When I approached it and saw the other side was symmetrical I thought it was beautifully carved. It looked black, but there was a green water droplet on it. So dark green it looked black. I reached out to touch it and it opened its eyes and mouth and began to raise out of the water. It looked me right in the face and kept going up higher than a basket ball backboard. Its head was like a giant diamondback rattlesnake's head. Its neck swelled like cobra, but not as much. It had 4 inch curved teeth on the top and bottom. It had teeth all around not just in the front. It always looks like it is smiling. When it expanded its neck frill or fluttered its neck crest is when I turned to run. I took one step and found myself flying like superman to the top of the 300-ft cove that overlooked the pier. Landing in a head first slide on the top of the cove. There was a dirt path in front of me and I thought to keep running, but I had to take a look back at this thing. When I got to the edge of the cliff, it had moved to the shore line still 20 feet above the water with a large wider part of its body lying on the shoreline. When it saw that I came back to take a second look it got pissed and started to shoot fire out of its mouth. Its flame throwing breath somehow caught the other air on fire in the cove and the fire started climbing the walls of the cove. I backed away thinking it would reach me, but it didn't it tapered off about 200 feet. This thing breaths so much fire that it obscures itself within the fire. The thing is, the dream wasn't CGI. I woke up thinking these things had to have existed at some point in history.
    Thanks, Scott


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